MaisstĂ€rke Fundraiser Serie : Veep – Die VizeprĂ€sidentin

  •  MaisstĂ€rke     Fundraiser
  •  Serie :  Veep – Die VizeprĂ€sidentin
  • Story by: Armando Iannucci     
  •  Teleplay by: Armando Iannucci & Simon Blackwell   
  • Vice President Selina Meyer wants to make the implementation of a Clean Jobs Commission her main legacy, but problems occur when a Tweet from a staffer annoys the plastics industry, she makes an offensive joke at a fundraiser, and her Chief of Staff forgetfully signs her own name on a condolence card for the wife of a senator who just died. Dan becomes a member on Meyer's team.
  • Die ambitionierte Politikerin Selina Meyer zieht als neue VizeprĂ€sidenin ins Weiße Haus ein. Doch da sie keine politischen Befugnisse und Macht hat versucht sie das mit öffentlichkeitswirksame Auftritte zu kompensieren, tritt dabei jedoch RegelmĂ€ssig in FettnĂ€pfchen, die Sie und ihr Staab ausbĂŒgeln mĂŒssen 
  • Darsteller der Folge:
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus     …… …     Selina Meyer
    Anna Chlumsky     ………      Amy
    Tony Hale     ……     Gary
    Matt Walsh     … …     Mike
    Reid Scott     … …     Dan
    Sufe Bradshaw     … ……     Sue
    Tim Simons     ……………     Jonah
    Kevin Dunn     ……………     Ben
    Timothy Simons     … ……     Jonah Ryan
    Kate Burton     …… …     Barbara Hallowes
    David DeBoy
    Wil Love     …… …     Phillip Dorsey
    Timothy Hayes Lynch     ……      Mike Dudley

    Michael Mack     ……      Paul Burton
    Kevin Murray
    Kirk Penberthy     ……     Introducing Senator
    Matthew Bowerman     …      Office Employee
    Patricia DiZebba     ……     Secret Service Agent
    Dave Fairbanks     …      Fundraiser Dinner Guest
  • La vicepresidenta Selina Meyer quiere impulsar una ComisiĂłn de Trabajos Limpios como su legado, pero un tweet de un miembro de su equipo irrita a la industria del plĂĄstico. En una reuniĂłn de captaciĂłn de fondos, Selina hace un chiste de mal gusto, y su jefa de gabinete (Anna Chlumsky) firma con su nombre una tarjeta de condolencias para la viuda de un senador reciĂ©n fallecido.

  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus   -  Selina Meyer
  • Timothy Simons  -   Jonah Ryan    
  • Reid Scott  -   Dan Egan     
  • Anna Chlumsky  -   Amy Brookheimer
  • Tony Hale  -   Gary Walsh 
  • Matt Walsh  -   Mike McLintock
  • Gary Cole  -   Kent Davison 
  • Sufe Bradshaw   -  Sue Wilson 
  • Kevin Dunn  -   Ben Cafferty

Fundraiser [1.01]

Amy: Mike, talk to me. I am in a room with three people and a fuckload of quiche.

Amy: So, Dan, Are you enjoying working for Hallowes?
Dan: Not really. She's middle of the road. She's mediocre, really. Of all the -ocres, she's the mediest.
Gary: [about the coffee machine] Do I add water to this machine? It's like a robot.
Dan: It's a nice bag, Gary.
Amy: You know, he calls that "The Leviathan."
Dan: Ooh, you got the nuclear codes in there, buddy?
Gary: [still about the machine] Is there a pouch or something that I put into this?

Dan: Jesus fucking Christ. All right, look, watch me, autismo. You take the little pod, put the little pod in the fucking hole, shut the fucking lid, hit the fucking button for two fucking seconds. Oh, it's so easy.
Gary: Too quick, I didn't see it.
Dan: Yeah, well, next time pack an espresso machine in your big fuckin' bitch bag.

Hallowes: Hey, did you fire your tweet monkey yet? Because that guy is a weapons-grade retard.
Selina: I know.
Hallowes: I think you might have been hoist by your own retard there.
Dan: [laughs] That's a good one.

Dan: I really admired your primaries campaign.
Selina: Oh, how nice. Thank you very much.
Dan: Two things I would have done differently.
Selina: Two things? Oh, no kidding. What are they?
Dan: I think you spent too much time in New Hampshire. That was in the bag. And the attack ads in Oregon came up four days too soon, made you seem mean before you had to be. But, I mean, hey, you're the old pro here.
Gary: Ooh!
Dan: You're the pro.

Selina: Okay. What do you think of Dan?
Amy: Oh, Dan is a shit.
Selina: You want to expand on that?
Amy: Sure. He's a massive and total shit. When you first meet him, you think surely to God this man can't be as big a shit as he seems, but he is.
Selina: See, I—
Amy: 'Cause like if there were a book with covers made of shit, you'd think "That's intriguing. I wonder what's in this book that they saw fit to give it covers made of pure shit." And then you open it and... shit.

Mike: Just a small change in the speech.
Selina: What is that?
Mike: Plastics apparently talked to the President. The White House doesn't want us mentioning oil or cornstarch or plastic. Just wing it.
Selina: This has been pencil-fucked completely?
Mike: Uh, yes, front and back. Very little romance.
Selina: That's the entire speech, okay? What's left here? I've got "hello" and I have... prepositions.

Jonah: Uh, guys, a man is dead. When a sexual harasser dies, we sign his wife's card. Okay? That's how Washington works.

Dan: Take a good look at me, okay? Now ask yourself something, Mike. Is the man you're looking at gonna be in a position a year from now working above you or below you? 'Cause all ambition you had left your body a long time ago and now all you've got left in the last 10 remaining years of your working life is a damp apartment, cold crab cakes, and an invisible fucking dog.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus. By Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson - 976×650 version at two_vice_presidents.jpg via "Being Biden" blogBeing Biden blog,, Public Domain,

The Veep poster on the side of a building. Von Georgeday868 - Eigenes Werk, CC-BY-SA 4.0,

Anna Chlumsky am Set der Serie Veep – Die VizeprĂ€sidentin, 2013. Von Maryland GovPics - Governor Tours the Veep Set, CC BY 2.0,

Tony Hale bei den Streamy Awards 2010.  Von The Bui Brothers - Flickr: Streamy Awards Photo 1340, CC BY 2.0,

Reid Scott (2014).  Von Dominick D - Veep - PaleyFest 2014, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Timothy Simons (2014)  Von Dominick D - Veep - PaleyFest 2014, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Matt Walsh (2014) Von Dominick D - Veep - PaleyFest 2014, CC BY-SA 2.0,


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