Tanzfieber Dance Fever Serie: Ich war’s nicht

  • Tanzfieber     Dance Fever

  • Serie: Ich war’s nicht

  • A few days before the school's Spring Fling dance, Sherri and Lindy become the only two students with perfect attendance records after Greg Johnson gets sick. Sherri threatens Lindy, saying that she will eventually be the only with a perfect attendance record, making her paranoid about Sherri trying to make her sick. After Lindy gets a cold, she insists on going to school while Sherri realizes this and tries even harder to make Lindy miss school, even resorting to locking her in the janitor's closet. Lindy ends up accidentally breaking Sherri's leg during her escape and inadvertently spreads her flu to every student at school. Logan is going to the dance with a girl called Seanna Bergdorf, but is in need of the expensive gifts he had promised her. He gets many companies to sponsor his date. After Seanna gets hurt, Logan is now going with Sherri. Garrett wants to invite Tiffany, a girl from school, to the dance. However, he wants to do it the best and most original way possible, but many of his ideas fail when someone tries them before him. Jasmine waits for a guy called Dave Bixby to invite her to the dance, while Delia's grandma is visiting and Delia starts acting like her.
    Guest stars: Peyton List as Sherri, Tristen Bankston as Steve, Scott Shilstone as Dave Bixby, Barry Finkel as Mr. Applebaum, Alan Chow as Eddie White
  • Als Greg Johnson krank wird, sind Lindy und Sherri die Einzigen, die noch nie in der Schule gefehlt haben. Lindy bekommt leichtes Fieber und geht aber weiter in die Schule, woraufhin Sherri, die überall als nettes Mädchen gilt, zu drastischen Mitteln greift und Lindy sogar einsperrt, damit diese in der Schule fehlt. Inzwischen versuchen Jasmine, Delia und Logan ein Date für den Schulball zu bekommen. Als sie es geschafft haben, werden sie jedoch krank und Lindy, die wieder gesund ist, kommt als einzige zum Ball.
  • Gaststar: Peyton List als Sherri

  • Lindy trata de compertir con Sherri por tener la asistencia de clases perfecta, pero Sherri intenta hacer que Lindy pierda su asistencia perfecta intentando hacer que Lindy se enferme. Mientras tanto Logan y el resto de los chicos intenta conseguir una cita para el baile. Lindy se enferma por culpa de Sherri, pero aun así va a la escuela para que Sherri no pueda ganar. Sherri encierra a Lindy en el cuarto de limpieza y Lindy intenta escapar luego se va por los ductos de aires y cae sobre Sherri haciendo que se lastime.
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Actress Olivia Holt at "Fully Charged" Red Carpet in 2011
Von http://www.flickr.com/photos/minglemediatv/ - http://www.flickr.com/photos/minglemediatv/5964541450/, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=20527972






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