Lindys Super-Smoothie Lindylicious Serie: Ich war’s nicht

  • Lindys Super-Smoothie     Lindylicious

  • Serie: Ich war’s nicht

  • Lindy wins a contest at Rumble Juice for their Create-a-Smoothie competition. The blendisto who picked her smoothie, Cole, asks Lindy out, to which she says yes. Lindy finds out that Cole wants to date her, so she brings Jasmine, Garrett, and Delia with her to the movies to try not to send him the wrong message. Lindy's smoothie then gets taken off the menu because the date went terribly. He then chooses another girl's smoothie and proceeds to go out with her. Lindy then goes to sell her smoothie in the cinema to show Cole what he lost. Meanwhile, Garrett goes undercover to investigate why the cinema claims the popcorn is freshly popped, but tastes stale. Jasmine has a crush on a guy who works at the movie theater, only to discover from Delia that she only likes him because he wears a tuxedo. She later finds out that he only likes her because she wears high heels. Logan tries to finish a book report on The Odyssey, but when he fails to concentrate, he tries to steal Delia's report. Delia gets revenge on him by making him watch a Greek film, which she claims is a film adaptation of The Odyssey.
    Guest stars: Wesam Keesh as Cole, Nicholas Podany as Max
  • Lindy gewinnt mit ihrem eigenen Smoothie-Rezept einen Wettbewerb und wird daraufhin vom Preisrichter um ein Date gebeten. Als das nicht so gut läuft, fliegt Lindys Smoothie von der Speisekarte. Inzwischen versucht Garrett aufzudecken, dass das Popcorn im Kino nicht frisch ist. Jasmine hat ein Date mit einem Jungen, zu dem sie sich nur hingezogen fühlt, wenn er einen Anzug trägt.

  • Lindy hace un Smoothie para el concurso del Rumble Juice y Cole lo elige como el mejor Smoothie del mes solo para poder salir con Lindy. Lindy cree que su Smoothie es el mejor y sus amigos le dicen que solo fue elegido como el mejor porque a Cole le gusta Lindy, Lindy se da cuenta e intenta deshacerse de Cole.
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Actress Olivia Holt at "Fully Charged" Red Carpet in 2011
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