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  • Logan dates a girl named Danica who turns out to be the principal's daughter. Delia uses a device to communicate with aliens when she thinks earth boys are too normal for her. Garrett's school program's big buddy gives up on him and Logan persuades him to become a big buddy. After Lindy learns of her friends using her as parents' approval to go places not allowed, she bumps up her attitude and tries to be a worse person. At the end, an "alien" appears and requests that Lindy comes with him, all because his parents don't allow him to use the UFO, much to her dismay.
    Lindy ärgert sich, dass sie den "Genehmigt-Stempel" (engl. "Stamp of Approval") hat: Eltern lassen ihre Kinder an Sachen teilnehmen, was sie sonst nicht dürften, wenn sie wissen, dass auch Lindy dort ist. Deshalb versucht Lindy, sich als böses Mädchen darzustellen, was ihr wiederholt misslingt. Delia glaubt, mit einem Außerirdischen in Kontakt zu stehen. Logan datet heimlich Danica, deren Vater Prorektor (engl. Vice Principal) der Schule ist.

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Actress Olivia Holt at "Fully Charged" Red Carpet in 2011
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